Our desire at Hiskey Law Firm is to see you, your family, and the organizations you care about flourish. Therefore, our first goal is to understand what’s important to you. We want to hear about your concerns, about the virtues and values you hope to encourage in others, and about how you hope to be remembered. With this understanding, our next step is designing a plan that will protect and transfer your personal and financial wealth efficiently, appropriately, and thoughtfully, and handling your real estate and business representation matters. 

A Plan Designed For You

As we listen to your story, we are able to create a plan designed specifically for you and your family. Our process starts by getting to know you, learning about your fears and concerns, your dreams and goals. We will then work together to secure your legacy and the future you envision for your family and community. While your plan reflects your unique circumstances and concerns, it is also designed to minimize administration expenses and taxes by utilizing appropriate planning tools selected to fit your circumstances.

Every Step of the Way

Although your estate plan is comprehensive and should not require frequent extensive modification, our process for ensuring the effectiveness of your plan provides for periodic review of your estate plan to ensure your wishes are still reflected—despite subsequent changes in the law or with your personal or financial circumstances. Eventually, when your plan must be administered due to incapacity or death, our administration process ensures that your plan is implemented efficiently and correctly.