In addition to all of the typical concerns that need to be addressed when planning your estate, seniors require additional focus on issues unique to their life stage. Especially as we continue to live longer, there is a greater likelihood that protecting you and your family in the event of diminished capacity will be necessary. In addition, as we age, we become a more likely target for those who may take advantage of us either financially or personally.

There are many options that should be examined, but no standard solutions that should automatically be used. Each client needs solutions that take into account their particular family and financial circumstances. For some, it may be prudent to appoint a co-trustee to assist clients with protecting and managing their assets. Others may need to consider professional trustees to adequately protect them. We understand that these can be difficult issues to address, but our wise counsel can provide protection from future problems. Standardized plans frequently fail to address possible future problems, resulting in the need to minimize damage in the future that could have been avoided with more thoughtful planning.